Friday, 29 November 2019

Sowerbutt's Nightclub

The atmosphere in the fashionable Café de Paris in Coventry Street was different to his last visit, Sowerbutt thought. Quieter, more sombre. A lot of the men were in uniform. 

Sowerbutt's Robbery

"One of the bosses at New Scotland Yard has a theory about the Croydon robbery. They got away with a fortune ˗ more than £200,000, not that we’re letting on. He thinks it is an underground Blackshirt group, planning to use the money to finance some sort of pro-Jerry coup." 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Sowerbutt's Break-In

Tipper slipped through the shadows on the manicured lawns of the Italianate mansion in South Kensington. He froze, waiting for a couple of armed guards to pass, then picked his way towards the marble steps leading to the imposing front entrance.

Sowerbutt's Letter

“On his return home, he’ll drop off the letter that you gave me with a friend at the German Embassy in Madrid. Its contents will be in Berlin in a matter of hours.”

Monday, 25 November 2019

Sowerbutt's Blow

With a single blow of the metal bar, One-Line shattered the passenger window. Mr Witherspoon turned white and clutched at the window sill. He looked as though he had suffered a heart attack.

Sowerbutt's Policy

“You will get used to me, Mr Witherspoon. I treat my friends very fairly, my enemies regret their decision.” Polly smiled.

Sowerbutt's Photographs

“It’s not the photographs I mind, Mr Sorbay. I’m rather proud of my acrobatics,” Madame Komarovski said. “Rather it is the threat that upsets me."