Thursday, 31 May 2018

Sowerbutt's Fight

Inside the Tavern, fists were flying, a couple of chairs had been broken and several bodies were sprawled across the floor. 

Sowerbutt's Bodies

Outside in Whitechapel Road, Missionary and the Sheriffs, coshes at the ready, were dealing with the bodies flying out the doors.

Sowerbutt's Friend

Wearing her tweed two-piece with an A-line skirt, Rosetta knew the eyes of the guests were watching as she crossed the lounge at The Grand in Clacton. 

Sowerbutt's Grenade

"A smoke grenade through the window and we can deal with the dockers as they run out.”

Sowerbutt's Chair

Hauling on the ropes, the lads lifted Shapiro on his chair up to the beam where he kicked and grunted, red-faced.

Sowerbutt's Van

The docker turned beetroot-red, vomited and collapsed to his knees. Outside, the man lying on the street was dragged into the van which sped off, its rear doors flapping open. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Sowerbutt's Rescue

Tied to a pillar on one side was Lee Gerard, haggard, bruised, bloody but smiling as he saw his rescuers.