Thursday, 6 December 2018

Sowerbutt's Orders

"A few rabble-rousers will be at this gathering and we don’t want Reds pouring out and causing trouble. That’s what we’ll be there to do – stop them." 

Sowerbutt's Theatre

Sowerbutt was not used to speaking into the large RCA microphone, his voice echoing and popping. “It’s a pity the Old Man is not here, lads, he always enjoyed an audience.” Laughter swept the theatre with the odd cry of “Mosley, Mosley.”

Sowerbutt's Youth

As a street boy, Sowerbutt had been offered work as an acrobat, the closest he had come to show business.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Sowerbutt's Offspring

The man, who would celebrate his 21st birthday in a couple of months, closely resembled King Victor Emmanuel, who never publicly acknowledged his illegitimate son.

Sowerbutt's Letter

“We’ve have gone to much trouble to get here to Rhodos,” the colonnello from the 2nd Blackshirt Division said. “This letter is of the highest importance." 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Sowerbutt's News

“The good news is that the stoppers, the local WarAg and all the other nosey-parker officials have been told we are off limits – national security. No-one is to come here. Which means, gentlemen, that as long as we are discreet, we can do what we like."

Sowerbutt's Frown

Sowerbutt frowned: “He’s muttering. Spaghetti, shut him up, will you. We need to concentrate in case anyone is following us.”