Friday, 2 August 2019

Sowerbutt's Box

The files former occupants were stamped Never To Be Released, placed in an acid-free archival storage box and driven under close escort some miles from Kew to a tightly-guarded storage facility, designated under the Official Secrets Act of 1989. 

Sowerbutt's Archives

The weeders, as a small section of high security-clearance Home Office archivists are known, worked overtime to replace the contents of the unassuming file. 

Sowerbutt's File

The original burial form, a foolscap sheet with the printed heading of Poplar Coroner’s Court giving details of the inquest and a cutting from the London Evening Standard reporting the fatal road accident on the East India Dock Road were contained in a water-stained HMSO-issue file, inaccurately marked KV 2/1221C.  

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Sowerbutt's Accident

The well-furnished suite was more familiar with erudite conversations about high matters of state and the acquisition of KCBs than shrieks of anger over ancient East End road accidents. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Sowerbutt's Finger

A chubby pink finger in a Horse Guards office trembled on its way down the list followed by a spectacular explosion.  

Sowerbutt's Burial

The latecomer swept the bowler off his mop of bottle-yellow hair, held it out in silent salute and bowed low as the gravediggers began shovelling the clay soil into the grave. 

Sowerbutt's Girls

The boy blushed bright red when a blonde among a nearby group of girls wearing colourful shawls, daring necklines and flouncy skirts winked at him, smiled and raised her eyebrows.